Mega Millions

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History of the Mega Millions Lotto Online


Like the other big American lottery, USA Powerball, Mega Millions started life under a different name. Originally the lottery was known as The Big Game when it launched in 1996 with tickets going on sale in a handful of US States, including Georgia, Maryland and Virginia. In the early days of The Big Game draws were only held once a week on Fridays. The Big Game expanded to include many more States and an extra draw day, Tuesday. On May 17th, 2002, the lottery was renamed as Mega Millions.


How to Play the Mega Millions Lotto Online:

Like many other lotteries, the Mega Millions lottery makes use of 2 separate ball sets. The first ball set contains the "main numbers" for the lottery, and comprises numbers 1 - 70. Players must choose 5 numbers from this ballset. The second ballset contains the Mega Ball and players must choose 1 number from a selection ranging from 1 - 25. To win the jackpot players need to match all 6 lottery numbers drawn!

Mega Millions Rollovers and Historic Jackpots:

Mega Millions holds the record for the third largest lottery jackpot in the world, a massive $656 million USD, set in March 2012. Mega Millions is no new arrival to giant jackpots though, with a rich tradition of paying out large sums of money to winners. - $656 million USD won on March 30, 2012 – the largest jackpot in the world, ever! The historic jackpot was shared by 3 winning ticket holders. - $636 million USD won on December 17, 2013 after 22 weeks of rollovers! It was shared between 2 lucky ticket holders. - $390 million USD won on March 6, 2007 – the prize was split between two ticket winners, one from New Jersey and the other from Georgia. As with the USA Powerball, Mega Millions offers both a cash and an annuity prize option. The annuity provides annual payments over a 30-year period. Payment of winnings for both USA lotteries is subject to federal and applicable state taxes deducted from them.

When to Play the Mega Millions Lotto Online:

Mega Millions draws take place twice a week on Tuesday and Friday. Drawings are held at 11:00 p.m. Eastern Time at WSB-TV in Atlanta, Georgia, U.S.A.

Mega Millions Prize Structure:

The Mega Millions lotto has a total of 9 prize tiers starting at simply matching the Mega ball all the way up to matching the 5 white balls and Mega ball.

Matches Prize
Normal balls
(pool of 70)
Mega ball
(pool of 25)
5 1 Jackpot
5 0 $1,000,000
4 1 $10,000
4 0 $500
3 1 $200
3 0 $10
2 1 $10
1 1 $4
0 1 $2